Dream of Mars Chapter 1

The oldest of the siblings was Napoleon, the second was Josephine, then George, and lastly me Canute Pannerman.

Growing up I can remember in my younger ages, going through stages of eavesdropping on conversations to satisfy curiosity.

An example is when Napoleon (at this time sixteen) and Dad had a talk about a party Napoleon and Josephine (age fourteen) went to, it sounded very strange, come to think of it every conversation sounded strange.

I remember the family being dysfunctional, everyone off at another party, creepy strangers always swinging by, and no quality time together. I was miserable at home, so miserable that it chased me more and more to my friend Jack Anders and his family, Phoebe his oldest sister, Rehab his second sister (still older) and his father James. They became like a second family, we went to football games, picnics in the park, even board game nights. As bad as it sounds, the best memories of my childhood I had with them.

James became like my second father, Jack like another brother, and his sisters, my sisters. I was Jack’s best man on his wedding day and the brother he never had, and he was the little brother I never had. If it wasn’t for them I would never had become the man who I am today.

The Anders and me played games all together like run ball (a game about getting or “running” a ball to the end of a field and back again by tossing it from teammate to teammate in what is called a team line, if you missed or your teammate failed to catch the ball you gained a point, whichever team had the lowest score at the end won the game) football (or as the strange fellows call it, soccer), or card games.

Another pass time me and Jack loved were pranks. I can still remember vividly the weekends being spent putting dye in shampoo, throwing or dropping water balloons, fart sound effect hidden under the cushion, and my favorite the handshake buzzer. It was usually me and James pranking his sisters, but there was some times I turned sides and worked with his sisters to get him.

As I grew older I moved to from grade school to college, but I will always look back on the good old days with the Anders, and the admittedly bad with my own.


Dream of Mars Prologue

I found that line from a speech which took place in the Great Civil War, more on that later. My story begins long before the war, although in the same country.

First let me explain our story, it begins with Earthian Egyptian astronomers discovery of our planet during the three thousand’s B.C., after this for thousands of years people only used our planet for time telling, navigation and other petty tasks. Finally milleniums later they remembered are world again, and they sent robotic devices to conquer all of us. Then after our opression they themselves came, they breed with our ancestors to create the people we are today. We are children of life and destruction.

Mine own story starts in a small hospital on sirrah street, it was as my mother (Catherine) remembers, the very first time she saw my father (Julius) cry a tear, and a happy, heavy drop it was.

They then took me to the green and white painted walls but wide television set, large kitchen, small main and bedrooms I would call home for the next nineteen years.

Dream of Mars Introduction

Now are the engines ready for mobilization, and are the boots for running into action. Now are the men dressed in uniform and the wheels with the tires. Now are the mighty ready to be petty, the weak to be dead and the swords to be destroyed in war.

On the other side of this long and curvy tunnel we will make blood, we will struggle with our brother, and cut him down in his zwodder state.

The city across the rocks will cry out in his agony, as we will mock and laugh heartily. We will leave not one of it’s people, strong or weak, young or old, man or son, mother or daughter.

We go to come, see and utterly destroy. We will have no mercy, nor pity, nor compassion, or any sympathy for our brother city. If any soldier show compassion, compassion he or she will not be shown. With this we fight being ready to die.

So they marched (the captain and his troops) from Chiv to Hon, with intent of genocide.

Blackout Chapter 5 (End)

Now the dock we came to (to escape the island, and continue our journey to Pennsylvania) was clean white, white boardwalk, white boat house.

Searching about we found only a small row boat, it could only hold three people. With this we decided that for the fact he was the reason for this trip, that he’s wounded, and the husband/father of a family, he must go.

For the cause of her insulting, I demanded that Grace go (though it was truely for her gender).

The man of the scar commanded Richie to go, and so with that the three were chosen and waved off to the mainland.

My steps back to the city started strideful, but eroded slowly from my to my back, into a sluggishly low shuffle. For the bus was out of gas (because every fuel station was depleted of all the oil) my legs cried out for it.

After walking until collapse, and then on, we reached a abandoned sports stadium.Seeing sunset was near we decided it was fine enough place to rest for the night. Henry and I slept in the locker rooms below, and the man of the scar under the bleachers above.

Down in my locker I only drifted to slumber for a short time, for I awoke to the leaking ceiling. Dripping quiet but consistently, it’s constant rhythm going, blip blip bla, silently holding my mind captive.

I kept up the faith my effort for rest would not fall in vain, still I lied there trying to my best effort to ignore blip blip bla. This trying went to no good victory, for once I found harmony with blip blip bla, I heard a large bang which alerted me steadily to my feet. Now as I began towards the direction in which I heard the unnerving noise, my ears beheld it a second time, louder, clearer then before.

This time even the more off-putting, for I now took notice of it’s origin, the sound of a gun coming from the bleachers above!

As I ran towards the exit of this stairwell I heard another sound, not the sound of a harmless raindrop or of a harmful gun, but this was the sound of my terribly, spontaneous, earth shaking, wall quacking, ceiling breaking, unexpected, explosive death!!?

Blackout Chapter 4

The sun rose gracefully, slowly over the horizon showing it to be morning. I began to wake from my slumber while I stepped towards to the wounded man’s bed.

He was covered in bandages made from t-shirts and leggings, as I crept towards his bed silently (so I did not awake the poor fellow), this made my eyes fill up thinking “This is what life looks, for the dead look much worse, and they’re many”.

Now the reason I stood there at his side was to change his gauze, although that was altered when halfway through his treatment, he reached forth and took my arm with his unharmed hand, revealing himself conscious.

He spoke in a hazy state with a low voice “Take me to Badger Springs, my wife, my son.” then I with surprise laid on my eyes and mouth, asked him “Where is this place? I never heard of it.” and to this he repeated “Take me to Badger Springs.” and so (seeing I could get no more from him) I finished changing his bandages and left.

After the hushed hum of the battery powered coffee maker, I gathered the rest for a meeting to discuss this “Badger Springs”. We all started with searching for possibilities on a map (we brought with us from the bomb shelter), it all seemed pointlessly vain.

Then the saving grace, Grace, found it on first look over, she worked as a secretary of a map making company and (due to low calls during her night shift) she studied everything from east to west. She pointed towards a Badger Springs Pennsylvania. So after packing back up tight we started towards the docks, in a hope to leave the island.