Dream of Mars Prologue

I found that line from a speech which took place in the Great Civil War, more on that later. My story begins long before the war, although in the same country.

First let me explain our story, it begins with Earthian Egyptian astronomers discovery of our planet during the three thousand’s B.C., after this for thousands of years people only used our planet for time telling, navigation and other petty tasks. Finally milleniums later they remembered are world again, and they sent robotic devices to conquer all of us. Then after our opression they themselves came, they breed with our ancestors to create the people we are today. We are children of life and destruction.

Mine own story starts in a small hospital on sirrah street, it was as my mother (Catherine) remembers, the very first time she saw my father (Julius) cry a tear, and a happy, heavy drop it was.

They then took me to the green and white painted walls but wide television set, large kitchen, small main and bedrooms I would call home for the next nineteen years.


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