Dream of Mars Chapter 5 (End)

I looked over the sand and gray sky for the first time in my life. It was very reminding of the childhood story of how it supposedly began as a red blanket (the sky not sand) floating high above this planet.

The story claims that the air was pumped into the invading earthling’s homes and used as fuel, and only to be replaced by breathing air that escaped little at a time, supposedly the unfair relationship is what left the atmosphere this thin grey sheet. Either way the cold, bright surface would have killed me within seconds if it were not for the suit I was sent out with.

After about a thirty or forty meter hike I found saw a huge mountain, I decided the best course of action was to climb it. “With the view I might spot another nation.” I thought as I scaled the huge cliff-side of this planetary bulge. Upon completion of the climb I glanced (whilst I gasped) across the both literally and figuratively breathtaking landscape in search of a door.

I found one in the far distance, and at that immediate time I glimced and then noticed my oxygen gauge was running out, so with all the speed I could get on as little breath I could, I sprinted with all my might towards that metal glimmer of hope.

Though my best efforts to conserve my that air I ran dreadfully out, began to choke, fell to the ground, and passed on from this conscience.

Dream of Mars Chapter 4

The oh so very terrible civil war worsened with my worries that mine one child may wash the floors with her blood, which to think of it only caused me to worry the more.

Now do to the war’s prolongation the city which I lived (and which my daughter struggled against) issued a draft (for volunteers were discouraged to the point of hopelessness) of which I refused to take part (how can any person expect me to fight against my only family?). This angered the city governor, due to this and the illegality of my inaction, I was arrested and brought to court to answer for my crime.

The court session was filled with fury, the audience brought with each his or herself contempt for me and “the enemy I represent” luckily the judge had a impartial and logical mind. It was a up hill battle I had to not just prove I had reasonable cause to skip draft, but also (for it was an extra charge forced by the governor) I had to prove I was not a spy.

In the end I won and lost, I won because I avoided both death forced warfare sentences, yet I lost the case and was exiled from the colony (which is likely to be a death sentence itself), not even able to so much as say goodbye to my one child, I left out the exit doorway into what could very well had been my graveyard.

Dream of Mars Chapter 3

Now after me and my wife were wed five years, we tried for a child and had little luck for it. Just when I had given up all hope and began suggesting we quit, in the same she revealed she was pregnant. After nine long months she finally went into labour.

It was hours of pacing the halls, hours of flipping through magazines not reading a word, sitting in this impatience waiting for any news. Eventually news did reach me, it was from a nurse “A baby girl has been born!” I was gleeful but there was more “sadly there is complications with the mother though”.

I said my last goodbye holding my Joy. Now Joy grew, and as she needed education, I chose public schooling. I was too poor for private schools and too busy for home, and she grew cynical from this choice for public.

At age ten she joined the girls soccer team, she was a striker and a very good one, it seemed she had a great talent. Sadly I was still in a very busy schedule, thus Jack was at more of her games then myself.

Time moved on until we reached the icy silence of her late teens, she had very different political views, taking the side of the dreaded enemy of war, this brought her out of my house in her adult years.

Dream of Mars Chapter 2

High school was strange without my friend (for locating reasons), even while I was and am sad about losing time with my second family it did give me an opportunity to pave my own way, make my own friends.

The only reason I’m happy I moved was the Spring Dance of 193 M.Y. as I wandered looking for a dance partner, I saw a red ribbon coupled with beautifully swirling and swirling sable dark hair. Her face was much finer than bronze sculpture, it was supported by a even neck. She was fair to the eyes and as we danced and spoke she was yet more fair to the ears. Being swept up in her loveliness, I forgot to ask her name, thus when a guy named Rob cut in I was (as it seemed) forever alone.

After three days of desolate depression I knew I had to gain back her love, so I devised a plan. First I would search the entirety of the school for her presence, then when I found her I would become friends with her friends then (through those friends) with her.

The search for her was the easy part, I could never forget her a face so sublime, the hard part was who her friends were and with whom she was only very acquainted. To overcome this issue I decided to befriend all suspects, so for three months ninety percent of all my communication was with teenage girls (it almost began to become a chick flick fan), of course most the guys in the school called me all sorts of names, but I stayed focused on the goal.

At the end of those agonizing three months I was finally introduced to my red ribbon. Her name was Katrina and her hair was now not restrained, my spirits lifted from the slums into great times, I was as a thankful beggar. As we spoke (which by now had been hours) she brought up her sister, identical.

As it turned out the one at the dance, was not with whom I was now speaking. Katrina was the one I was speaking to and I felt a stronger connection then the mere attraction I felt to her sister, and so I chose the voice I was hearing.

Has time went by, me and my love’s bond grew past life itself, and thus we were obliged to be wed, and the wedding could never, no matter how lovely, describe the feelings I held for my dear Kat. I tried in vain as good a husband to her, as she was a wife to me.