Beauty Is Fate (Poem)

Beauty is vain
Beauty is pain
Beauty is driving straight to main
Driving I hate
Beauty I hate

Beauty is vain
Beauty is reign
Beauty “conquers” past and what will have came
Beauty is fate
Beauty is fate

Beauty is vain
Beauty is wait
Beauty is just another date
Beauty is late
Beauty is fate

Neighbor Girl (Poem)

Neighbor girl
Hair in swirls
Takes my heart for whirls
With her long legs so slender

Oh how your hair it curls
How light is it to carry
How does it fit with even fine pearls
Yet for your love, I find no sender

Neighbor Girl
If only any knew
Then you would be the envy of great earls
Being with not would cause hate to spew
Oh but I’m glad your ┬ámy neighbor, so in my presence you render

Oh how I wish you didn’t get that house in the city
For in my life your now only a supporting role at best
For now die is my hope for that realtor
She is taking my Neighbor away
Now I wish to her I would’ve spoken

Stand and Applaud

Stand and applaud
But to what
What to whom

The speech stabbed
Yet without conviction
Spoken without thought
The cheers must be of hate
The shouts of pain
For none could be this cruel
None could have this without cause
Yet it is so

The crowd has not been robbed
Nor the speaker
He and they just spew venom
Then stand and applaud

Brass In Pink (Poem)

Clad in pink
She towers high
Glad will sink

She is lovely
Her face so bright
Not in any way homely
She’s the only Whom thinks

Lass not now
I must ask how
Does she draw with a brow

Mass of emotion
Begins to flow
Brass skin causes commotion
And devotion

Clad in red
she slumps low
Glad is said

Sexy Silky Slim (poem)

She shows leg
Sexy flexing silky
Smooth loose and sheikh

Late I wanna lose
Lost and lingering
Loathing my lack if your crumbs so lumpy

Irritated for this idol
How they treat her so impishly impavid
This invoked a irking imblazed mindset

Milky her merry calves
This made my heart to tremble meekly
For sexy flexing silky
I will always have admiration more