The Wind Through The Graveyard of Hopes or The Wind and the Wife’s Grave

I hear wind
Blowing and Breezing
Has I sit at her grave
She seen and I saw all my love in my smile
I yet loved her not the same

Oh that heaven would send
Oh just another sight
That I surely crave

I wish to hold close unlike before
Before when in rage cutting and freazing
Putting my love in a cage
All through my rage

I do contemplate now
“Just one glimpse, I fain, I starve
“Out of this slump one glimpse would save”
Yet It does not come
Thus I weep

Oh this pain it tares
My heart it snares
To my hope it snarls
Yet to my misery it is no phile
I hunger I thirst because of it
I wish to make her hold her dreams in glee

I will make it right now with the next best
That in death I may be off to her soul
This pledge will not go in vain

In You Anew (Poem)

Let’s begin anew
Let death rain through
Let sneer season due
Not in you

I like you who you are
I like you faster than a dart
I like you quicker then a car
Let it be you

I’m not a king, just a son of a prince
I’m not a sword, to dull to be a knife
I’m not a kill, just a strife
I like us, not a husband, as a wife

The crown sits low, yet the ruler up high
Let wisdom pass from the lips of men
I like you to look at me and sigh
I’m not a wise-man, that’s in you

I Pray This Is Not Thine City (Poem)

Can I fight thee
Can ye break what I see
I know this not thine way
I pray this is not thine city

Can a wave comprehend itself
Can I understand myself the more
Can I top the score
The score set by the earth

The earth seems my foe
The stones, the boulders my woe
The cold wind making me to shiver, with it’s movements violent
The grass beneath, though eaten by my friend doe

Can I win the gambit, my king, my lordship

Caresses and Kisses

Icy skin and warm mind
Smooth legs and wide smile
Caresses and kisses
That I sought to find

Speech so kind
Lips to make a hater a phile
Caresses and kisses
That I hoped to find

Hair of beauty you bind
Attitude so splendor, no not vile
Caresses and kisses
That I wished to find

Nah not now, for something true I grind
I walked that way a mile
Caresses and kisses
No more will I seek to find