Sir Peter #1 Epilogue

So Peter bought his statue and showed up back at the church, he got scolded for staying out late and wandering out so far, and had to wash the dishes every day for two weeks (with Henry’s aide) and wash the windows tomorrow (for it was too late for any of this labor), yet he never regretted the adventure.


Sir Peter #1 Chapter 2

Now when Meredith followed, she followed them all the way to the room of her father’s meeting with all the nobles of the duchy.

Luckily it was large enough room, filled with enough chatter of various nobles of the duchy, that she could not be heard when she asked “Why art ye two here? Ye surely know this is important noble business.” she shifted with concerned stance (remembering the danger that she was in when the duke caught her sneaking in the meeting) “You must know the evil that we all will fall under if anyone notices us.” “What! Huh!” exclaimed one of the two boys, “Quite!” shushed the other.

Meredith was about to repeat the question before a hand gripped her shoulder, it was a tall man in a goblin mask. The goblin spoke very loudly (not shouting but enough to be well heard by the trio) “You shouldn’t be here.” he commanded “Everyone to that room!” so they began to do as he ordered, but Meredith’s father noticed her, and followed into the room.

Now in the room Meredith’s father commanded the goblin to leave. He then said “Merey why did thou this? And who are these two helpers.” one stepped up and pulled off his mask and said “You can take thine off too Henry. I’m Peter nothing more than a orphan peasant at Saint of Rohan’s temple in the small village named Jasper. I was here gain a favor. I am very sorry first to your daughter for getting her involved, and second to you for interrupting your affairs. I will take whatever punishment I get.” during this Meredith wept, touched by their pleading for her sake, and Henry was happy to take off his mask (it was starting to get hard to breathe).

Then after some thought Count Octavian said “No, I have no ill will against a request so innocent, thou livest in another county than I rule, so I cannot give a parcel of land, yet if thine request be money I will grant a little, so what is it?” Henry spoke up plainly “We want a few bronze coins to buy a statue of Old Vincent the second.” then the father and daughter began to laugh “A few Bronze, Hahaha! Easy Hahaha!”. Immediately after remembering their-selves they both apologized for the mockery, and Meredith said “I hope to see ye again.” smiling widely.

Sir Peter #1 Chapter 1

“Are ye sure of this idea? We look ridiculous!” Peter whined “I’m positive it will work, so shut up and keep flapping thine arms if ye want that statue!” Replied Henry “But we don’t even look like chickens.” “We are covered in feathers, and that’s thanks to my idea to use honey. People will give us money either out of amusement or pity, which ever, we win! So keep flapping those wings!”.

It was at that time Flynn and Corey (the village bullies) came up and laughed “You both have now resorted to begging, or did the church run out of food and are left to eat their own orphans!?” Peter replied “We’er gonna make good money, so will ye donate or bug off.” with that Flynn laughed and threw a punch at Henry while Corey reached in the pot that held the amounted coin. Henry dodged and both him and Peter ran.

They ran quiet a ways, across village, even jumping over Miss Nancy while she cooked roast. They ran all the way to the road at the east end of the village, on the side of the road sat a pile of silver masks, some broken, some not. To this Henry said “I think I have a plan B”.

Sir Peter #1 Prologue

“Peter come back here, we still have a few more lessons before end day! Rascal when I catch thee, I will show thee true punishment! That priest Melvin never knows-” She was cut off by the sight of it, “it” being what caught the lad’s attention so.

The temple was oddly busy, a strange amount of men and women from out of county, going in and out. The lad Peter said “Oh, I am sorry Mother Anne, it is just weird thing to see so many people in one place.” Anne smiled warmingly and spoke “Go and play, I will punish thee later”.

Peter played for about an hour, before he saw a statue of the King Vincent the II, he was king before his son (the current king) took the throne in a coup, well the lad was one of the few supporters of Old Vincent still remaining.

“If only I could have it, then all the people may think the church rich enough to handle their tithes.” Peter said with a sigh to his friend Henry. Henry looked upon it and thought “It is a nice statue” and said to Peter “I have a idea,” and continued on telling Peter his plot.