Sir Peter 2# Chapter 2

After walking back in poor spirits, Peter lifted up his eyes and saw Mother Anne. Now he did not weep, nor did he pout but she knew him and knew he was feeling down.

She said consoling words softly, and then heard the door, and went to get it. “Oh Miss Ethyl, if thee would had only sent a letter, I would have cleaned a room in the rectory. Regardless I am always glad to see thee.” said Anne and she turned to Peter and said “Go fetch Henry, Miss Ethyl will need help carrying in her tithes.” and so Peter went and did his mother’s will.

Now when the two were gathered together, Ethyl said “I expect everything is well as always in thine lives.” Henry answered “Yes” Peter “Yes, and would ye be willing to tell the tale of the knight Gabriel?” Ethyl happily answered “Yes, but later, after we get my church donations inside and after Father Melvin’s evening sermon

While they (Peter, Ethyl, Father Melvin, Henry and Mother Anne) were working Peter said to Ethyl “I’m sorry to bother thee again, Miss Ethyl, but I only want to know the part of the tail where Gabriel wins the heart of the princess.” so Ethyl answered “Oh fine. He climbed a high mountain, it was steep and cold, and then he found a blue mountain flower and gave it to the princess, and the princess adored him after that. Now I can still tell the rest later if ye like.” and so the two then got back to work.


Sir Peter 2# Chapter 1

Now later that day Peter saw Sarah standing a ways off, he mustered his courage and said “Hello, it’s a nice day isn’t it.” Sarah smiled then changed expression to concern, Peter turned and saw the source of this distress, a man stumbling and falling into the mud.

Peter remembered that kindness is one of the boy’s desired traits according to Meredith, thus he ran and helped the man to his feet (and got a little mud on himself in the act). By the time he came back Sarah was walking away, in a deep conversation with one of her peasant friends.

Later that day (after getting a thorough washing) he was sitting in church after Father Melvin’s sermon on casting off the cares of the world, and noticed Sarah had come with her parents for Mass (for it was Sunday). During his chat with her in the church-yard, he remembered being respectful was the second attractive quality, and said “Mother Anne! Hast thou met her? She is  greatly and is loving to all [Both of which he believed to be true] thine parents must have been very wise and loving to raise a daughter likened unto thou!” but she replied “I’m sorry, but ye art more than a little dull”.

Sir Peter 2# Prologue

Peter ran down the steps as soon as he saw his two friends (he had been searching the castle for them), “How do I impress a girl? Meredith ye should know best, for ye art one.” they (Henry and Meredith) both pressed “Who is it? Come on tell us!”.

Peter sighed, “It’s Sarah, the daughter of Mr. Barney. Now will both of ye give me some advice.” Meredith laughed “Okay, okay, first you want to be kind and respectful, then you should just be yourself, your a very goodly person to know.” then Henry said (after Meredith finished speaking) “If that doesn’t work, just give her tale of her prettiness, she’ll fall head over heels in love with thee.” after a short silence he added “Or at least that is what my pap always said.” Peter replied “I thank ye both, I will use this advice and gain the full love of Mr. Barney’s daughter”.

Kingdom of Filth

Hoards of flies
Gliding past
Now the crown
Is the last

King deposed
Claws make might
King deposed
In the night
By a knight

Piles of trash
Kingdom of filth
Noble put low
Foe high and mobile
Dreams adashed

This poem was inspired by a episode of Bob’s Burgers, a fairly clean show despite                it being geared towards adults.