Rage Die Roam

Time stops, if but for a minute
My eyes steam with undesired tears
Sight blurred with guilt

Uneasy stance, shifting
Uneasy breath, weaving
Heavy gulit, unleaving

Leaving, yes
I must leave, yet burden builds
Legs hold still

My demise is this
No my no more
His demise is this
I have no home
I raged, he died, I roam


Hot No Steam

Hot, no steam
Plump and bony

Harm so carefully
Hit with vengelesness

Love is pour
Cut in a crooked line
Pain means bread

Missning your kissing
Hot not cool
I feel like tinkling
Your sweet venglesness

Pour is cure
Line in a sign
Bread means fed

Hot, no steam

[I am not sure what this is, it doesn’t seem like poetry, maybe free verse?]

Sir Peter #2 Epilogue

Peter’s face twisted a little with fright and then he practically shouted “No I was just leaving!” but she caught him by the neck with one arm and clenched her fist with the other “Leaving soon is a pity, it is impolite.” and began beating him in the back.

Peter cried out in pain and for that she turned him and smote his face with a loud slap. Peter began to weep and clinch his fists, and then he shouted “I will kill you wench!” and began punching with all his might, but she caught his arms together with her belt, but, to Peter’s great joy, Henry bursted in with a knife in hand.

Henry threw it straight at the woman, yet she dodged and ran out of the house window and off into the wilds.

Now on the way back down Peter said “Thanks Henry, thou art a good friend, I ran away because I wanted Sarah to love me, I was selfish.” Henry responded “Ye weren’t selfish, just a little narrow sighted. If ye want her to love thee, then do as Meredith said, just be thee. If ye want to change, then change for ye, but changing things to appease will either; work and ye will be an actor thine whole life, or, ye will fail and be always trying to one up yerself.” after a short silence Henry added “Why is it ye want this maiden so bad? She doesn’t treat thee kindly.” Peter said “Maybe ye art right”.

At last when he arrived out of the woods both Miss Ethyl and Mother Anne stood a ways off. Ethyl weeped at the sight of him but Anne just grinned wide, nevertheless Peter had the largest outburst of emotion.

He ran and jumped into Mother Anne’s arms, and Anne carried him back home (which is not a easy task, for he was twelve) and the way back she spoke softly the very comforting words “Don’t worry, ye will be punished later”.And so Peter was resigned to clean out Miss Ethyl’s quarters happily.

Sir Peter 2# Chapter 3

Now after he finished what work was necessary, Peter snuck off and journeyed into the woods to climb a mountain for his flower.

The weeds were high and the branches low, yet he pressed through until he reached what seemed an abandoned cabin. He looked in the window and saw there was only what dim light shone through the windows within, and near one window on the far side of the house, sat a seat and stool.

Peter, unafraid yet weary of his feeling, decided a small rest to be in order. He crept in the front door, taking each step with care, he was not afraid before but now eerie leaned towards fear.

He finally reached and took the seat he spotted before. As he began his needed rest, he saw in the corner of his vision, while he began to close his eyes to sleep, a figure of a woman.

He opened his eyes wide and bore sight of her, clothed in black, standing before him. She had smooth pale skin that shone from the twilight descending through the window above her, her eyes were blue and hair black, she appeared as a young maiden, about twenty years of age, but when she spoke it sounded the voice of a elderly woman “Hello, may I get thee tea?”.