Sir Peter #4 Chapter 1

Now one day Peter, Henry and Mother Anne were picking herbs in the woods surrounding the village. After this they went walking back to the church and saw a smoke coming from the direction they were heading. A black smoke.

Father Melvin had worked a long day, so when a knock was heard from the door, he didn’t even bother checking the window to see who it was (besides the village is normally a quite place, thus he assumed it to be a villager or nearby farmer with some spiritual question for him to answer) but upon opening he wished he did look before inviting in. There was three men, wearing robes and hoods to cover their faces. Melvin would never had been rowdy enough to fight them, but he didn’t have a chance to act in sincere benevolence, by the time he finished his greeting he had been stabbed three times, and thus fell dead.

This is how Peter, Henry and Anne found him, a corpse in a burnt down chapel.


PS, I am not sure if this counts as a chapter, seeing it is only three paragraphs, but oh well.


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