Sir Peter #4 Chapter 2

At the least Father Melvin got a decent funeral. Peter wept only a little remembering his sermons, Henry a little remembering his status yet Anne bitterly, for she never loved serving a priest the more.

Peter’s real concern was the church, he worried not where he might stay (for he knew Miss Ethyl would be more than willing to allow him, Henry and Mother Anne to stay with her and her family as long as they took part in the labor) but how the people might act, for the village had no mayor, and although Peter was but a lad he could see that the church is what keeps order in the village. Henry spent more of the funeral discussing with the child of one of the maid servants of the count of the county they (Henry and Peter) lived in’s daughter, yes very elaborate way to try and get to know the count’s daughter. Meredith is a exception, for most nobles don’t converse with peasants unless the peasant is respectable or has a request of some kind. Lastly sat Mother Anne, she simply sat reflecting and weeping on the darkened thoughts.

The funeral went well enough, well as well as a thing of the sorts can. Many wept at his burial, many wept at the setting of his grave stone. In all, all left in a very somber mood.


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