Sir Peter #4 Epilogue

Now a while after sitting there he heard a cracking sound, in a sudden he lay in the midst of the crowd.

He jumped to a stance and started swinging his fists to any body he could catch, he didn’t have time for a thought, he had to fight if he wanted out alive. The beating he then received was to be inevitable (for he was a lad versus a band of hardened criminals). The crack of the whip was the last sound he heard before collapsing to the ground unconscious.

And lastly he was carried off with the band further into the woods.

To be continued.

Sir Peter #4 Chapter 4

The next morning Peter and Henry were to go to Miss Ethyl’s farm (where they are to live for the time being) yet Peter had his own plans, he wanted to follow the map before leaving the village. When they were waiting on the carriage he faked needing to pee, so when he left behind a bush, he ran into the woods towards the east as the map says.

He ran desperately for quite a time before he reached a cabin in the woods. He saw much movement going on inside, he had second thoughts, but trembling, he pressed onward. He climbed upon the top (remembering what happened the last time he tried to explore one of these buildings) and looked through a small hole in the roof. Inside Peter saw the woman who attacked him with a hand upon the door knob turning it before opening it and leaving, he also saw groups of men singing and joking over top each other, all slering there words, as if drunk.

Peter saw one man who sat alone, he did not speak to the rest of the room, he was silent, and almost as grim as the scars that littered his skin, almost as eerie as the depictions of his tattoos on his bared arms and chest. It should be apparent that Peter was quite afraid.

Sir Peter #4 Chapter 3

That night Peter snuck out of the village baker’s (Mr Gary) house to find a clue on who these men are. He did this without consulting Henry, for he worried for his own safety, he didn’t want to in danger his best friend and sworn brother.

When he looked through the church ruins he was approached by the village Corey and Fats. Corey said “Why are you here at this hour? Can’t sleep without your teddy?!” both the ruffians laughed at the joke. Peter responded “Why are ye here?” Fats sighed and answered “Look we might be mean sometimes, but we know your hurting, we were actually looking for something to salvage.” Corey barked out “That’s not true, it’s the full moon, it’s made him mad, we just, uh, knew you’d be here.” Peter laughed. While they spoke (Corey trying to make up reasons why they were out there at night) Peter spotted a whitish thing poking out of the ash. Peter stepped toward it moving Corey to the side (which he complained yet strangely did nothing about) and took it pulling it out, it was a map, made of some rough, apparently inflammable, material.

Peter snatched the map into his back pocket and said “I’m going back, thanks for coming”.