The sun rose gracefully, slowly over the horizon showing it to be morning. I began to wake from my slumber while I stepped towards to the wounded man’s bed.

He was covered in bandages made from t-shirts and leggings, as I crept towards his bed silently (so I did not awake the poor fellow), this made my eyes fill up thinking “This is what life looks, for the dead look much worse, and they’re many”.

Now the reason I stood there at his side was to change his gauze, although that was altered when halfway through his treatment, he reached forth and took my arm with his unharmed hand, revealing himself conscious.

He spoke in a hazy state with a low voice “Take me to Badger Springs, my wife, my son.” then I with surprise laid on my eyes and mouth, asked him “Where is this place? I never heard of it.” and to this he repeated “Take me to Badger Springs.” and so (seeing I could get no more from him) I finished changing his bandages and left.

After the hushed hum of the battery powered coffee maker, I gathered the rest for a meeting to discuss this “Badger Springs”. We all started with searching for possibilities on a map (we brought with us from the bomb shelter), it all seemed pointlessly vain.

Then the saving grace, Grace, found it on first look over, she worked as a secretary of a map making company and (due to low calls during her night shift) she studied everything from east to west. She pointed towards a Badger Springs Pennsylvania. So after packing back up tight we started towards the docks, in a hope to leave the island.