Now the dock we came to (to escape the island, and continue our journey to Pennsylvania) was clean white, white boardwalk, white boat house.

Searching about we found only a small row boat, it could only hold three people. With this we decided that for the fact he was the reason for this trip, that he’s wounded, and the husband/father of a family, he must go.

For the cause of her insulting, I demanded that Grace go (though it was truely for her gender).

The man of the scar commanded Richie to go, and so with that the three were chosen and waved off to the mainland.

My steps back to the city started strideful, but eroded slowly from my to my back, into a sluggishly low shuffle. For the bus was out of gas (because every fuel station was depleted of all the oil) my legs cried out for it.

After walking until collapse, and then on, we reached a abandoned sports stadium.Seeing sunset was near we decided it was fine enough place to rest for the night. Henry and I slept in the locker rooms below, and the man of the scar under the bleachers above.

Down in my locker I only drifted to slumber for a short time, for I awoke to the leaking ceiling. Dripping quiet but consistently, it’s constant rhythm going, blip blip bla, silently holding my mind captive.

I kept up the faith my effort for rest would not fall in vain, still I lied there trying to my best effort to ignore blip blip bla. This trying went to no good victory, for once I found harmony with blip blip bla, I heard a large bang which alerted me steadily to my feet. Now as I began towards the direction in which I heard the unnerving noise, my ears beheld it a second time, louder, clearer then before.

This time even the more off-putting, for I now took notice of it’s origin, the sound of a gun coming from the bleachers above!

As I ran towards the exit of this stairwell I heard another sound, not the sound of a harmless raindrop or of a harmful gun, but this was the sound of my terribly, spontaneous, earth shaking, wall quacking, ceiling breaking, unexpected, explosive death!!?