Sir Peter #8 Chapter 2

The shack was small and dusty, not a very goodly shack. Meredith did not complain though, she had no option to: she was far too pleased to be so near her, friend. She was not to unprepared for all this though, unlike most nobles she took up chores with the maid servants, thus she was ready to clean the dust with her governess.

Now as they cleaned Meredith thought of her father “what a pity it is, I cannot live near both my father and my peasants” and she did much sighing as she continued her work. This brought on the pondering of her governess, the poor woman had little understanding of what made Meredith woe so.

After it was cleaned, they went to bed for the night.


Sir Peter #8 Chapter 1

Now this day, was a bitter one, this was the day Meredith was to leave back to her father’s house. In the farewells Peter was thankful for seeing her, yet glad to get back to his more tight training schedule.

Meredith and her governess spoke, the governess began “We will go back to thine father, child, after we stop by the village to say a few words to the workers.” she was referring to the builders of the new chapel. Thus they went on speaking of this and that on their way back to the village.

The carriage pulled in and Merey saw a group of strong workers building up the new churchhouse. It wasn’t much a churchouse at the time, but it was framing out.

This sight pleased Meredith, maybe if she stayed disguised as a nun she could live near her best friends, her only friends. “Most children at the castle never show me much care, but my peasants, they only show myself the upmost gratitude, gratitude for my very presence. Gratitude is a odd thing to nobles, isn’t it Governess?” Her governess smiled “Yes, I assume.”


Then they went and made the arrangements for a more permanent stay, in a small tool shack outside the church.

Fishie Hat

Fishie hat on my head
Hat that the rat loves
Jump to the goods
Dump is led

Who is right
The man of hope
The man who copes
Or is it me

Run from the eye
He watches the diligent
Keep away from the heavy
The heavy is the fishie hat