Wind in the City

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Sir Peter #5 Chapter 3

The fear didn’t subside, but changed forms still when the knight left the tower.

Now the knight and the two novices brought a quite shaken Peter back to Miss Ethyls homestead. Not a journey without event, yet not one fitting for this tale.

Mother Anne was filled with joy upon his sight, when he stood near her she held him in her arms tight as not to let him go. And so Peter lived a life with the horror shrinking only a bit with each year.

Sir Peter #5 Chapter 2

Now out there was another two novices, a tall thin lad, and a short tan one. The tall fellow ran past Jades and Peter on his short yet dreaded journey, see Peter felt afraid of all and, when he reached the area Jades would put him down (for she could not hold him in his state forever) she said to the short boy “stay here with me, this kid is fighsty and may try to flee.” and so he did.

After some time of cold silence the lad said to Peter “Jades and I shan’t hurt ye, honest, we only mean to keep ye till we know who ye art and to whom ye belong.” his voice was kinder (yet not quieter) and he seemed sincere in his sayings. Peter began to relax, but for a moment, for he was still unsure if these were more robbers or true knights, nevertheless he was not defenceless relaxed or cautious.

The novices were not all to unkind with tone, it was the circumstance I suppose.

Sir Peter #5 Chapter 1

Last time we left off with our staring lad Peter, carried further into the woods (after receiving a beating) by a small band of criminals. See, Peter was out there to prevent the band from making a second attack on his village after killing Father Melvin and burning the church where he, Peter, Henry and Mother Anne had lived.

The robber gang took Peter to a abandoned watch tower, they then held him tied in a corner of the first floor while the group, with a few exceptions, ran up to the higher floors. In each floor men and women held their bows ready to fire, they seemed afraid of something to Peter (and Peter knew himself terrified), and soon it would be apparent, both that they were, and of what they were. The sound of arrow shots was met with the gallops of horses (which only all added to Peter’s fear) and the shouts of pain from a man or two. Peter could not see a thing (being put in the corner [not that he would have wanted to]) but he could hear the struggle from those few grim criminals whom were left at the entrance.

After the sounds of bones cracking and steel cutting, a tall iron figure stepped heavily into the room where Peter sat. The figure looked down on the lad (likely with pity) and continued up the tower shouting “Novice Jades! Loose this child!”. Now rushed in a teenage lass, and she unbound him (with a bit of struggle, for Peter still feared everything), and our lad then crawled away from her as quickly as his battered limbs allowed. Jades was not a patient girl though, and thus grabbed his fighting body and carried him out of the tower, he cried out the whole short journey.