Lizard Girl

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Sir Peter #7 Chapter 2

Now the three (Meredith, Peter and Henry) were to do the chore of catching fish for the supper. They got into a boat and began fishing in a nearby river.

In the midst of the trip, Henry realised they forgot the bait and thus there was a question of what to do. They were a decent way down the river so going back would be the same as to admit failure of the task, and leaving the family with a only meager meal. Henry (seeing he was the oldest) came up with a decision, he would go catch worms while Peter and Meredith tried there luck at the nets.

Peter and Meredith grew affectionate, teasing each other with jokes. It was a good day they would never forget.

Sir Peter #7 Chapter 1

During breakfast Martha began to complain of her food, this did not please Ethyl, for Ethyl had worked hard in the fields and Martha rarely works at all. An argument of this, began to spring up. After some debate, it subsided, a remark of the guests in the room shut them up.

Anyhow, after breakfast Peter and Henry went and did their chores with Meredith helping. During this time Henry noticed something strange about how Meredith acted toward Peter, somewhat kinder, gentler. Thus Henry questioned Peter when Meredith had left, “Have thee and Mery become more close as friends since ye joined in training? It seems ye art friendlier than before.” and Peter answered “Why dost ye go so curiously? If it please ye, manage thine affairs”.Henry smiled and said “You feel more than fondness for her.” Peter laughed aloud and nodded his head to Meredith, for she (though out of earshot) was approaching.

Sir Peter #7 Prologue

Last time we learned of Meredith riding across county to spend a few days in the company of her governess, disguised as nuns, to be with Peter.Now the morning succeeding the event during training, Peter introduced Mery to all of whom Peter had been staying with (and even still).

There was first Miss Ethyl Mother Anne and Henry (all which Meredith already knew) and then there was: Mr Fick, Ethyl’s father; Martha, Ethyl’s cousin whom was once wealthy; John, Martha’s husband; lastly Tara, Ethyl’s mother.

After the introduction the whole house ate, drank and discussed all sorts of topics. Breakfast had begun.