The Ocean T-rex Dog

Electric music in glaze
Ocean t-rex dog
Barks at the mechanical moon

Jello wiggling to the fight
Between the Moon and the Ocean t-rex dog
The king of the Seven Seas

Fire spewing from his mouth
Warriors round and trounce
The Ocean t-rex dog

Fire can stop a few
Yet swords prick
None though stick
In the Ocean t-rex dog


The Song of the Little Monster

It’s unfair the the sun doesn’t stop
High in the sky for thee

Isn’t it cruel how the voice is sought
To break the homeless and weak

I don’t want too get weary
But life’s more fun to take
I don’t want to be too scary
But love’s a joke, I’m broke

Dancer’s start with tweezers
Dusk breaks to day

Runners make without keezers
Musks always take away

I love to be too weary
Life is only fun to take
I love to be scary
Love’s joke is me

On the End of the Earth

Heat in the summer
Boiling chickens dumber
Touching the darker side

On the end of the earth

I see sky’s fall
Fall in the bind
Running like a stream
Like an electric fridge

On the end of the earth

Mystery space
Scopes fogged up
Flogged abrupt

On the end of the earth

Poor Diplomacy

King sitting high

Princess and Prince stand one side and another side

Axes shift out of defence

Entering further in


Negotiations take

With the King never fake

Fierce is his anger

The sword so swift


Trembling truth breaks to lies

Diplomat mistaken

Fire of the tongue, fire bell rung

Trembling truth breaks till

Diplomat dies