Sir Peter #6 Chapter 3

Then Meredith said to Henry “If I cannot have him join me in pleasantry, he will have me in combat” and then she added “so where do I put on peasant apparel?”.After seeing the clothes, she decided to use her own hiking tunic (for she fortunately did not forget it, thinking it would be required on the journey over) and she went out to train for the remainder of the evening. They swung staffs, Peter caught her a few times, it left bruises up her leg. A bit more protection of her lower body would be a good idea in a real fight.

After that she ate the cooking of Mother Anne, and rode back to the tent lodging set up nearer to the village which her governess waited.

Now the next morning while Peter and Meredith were training in a sparring match, Peter struck Meredith a little harsh, and for that she shoved him upon his back, yet, in doing so she too fell. When she fell she fell upon him, and they gazed a moment into each others eyes and through to the souls. In Peter she sensed relief from burden for the moment; he sensed in her a fear unnatural from her bold outstanding.

Meredith pulled herself off him blushing and giving a muffled apology whilst Peter gave a audible (recovering back one of his former characteristic) answer “You shall not, I am at fault here, you are a lady, no, my lady; strike me with the best punch.” Meredith laughed but did as he commanded, and they went back to Miss Ethyl’s house to have stew and hearty conversation. Peter still did not return fully to his self, and he continually trained out of fear, yet, with Meredith’s company his mountain, though still as high, was less steep.


Sir Peter #6 Chapter 2

Meredith stepped into the library room of her home, and said to her governess (which sat there reading) “My father has given permission–” her governess cut her off interrupting “Shh, I know, thine father knows thee better than thou sees, let’s go dress” and so the two went.

Later, while Peter was training as Henry watched, Henry spotted a rider coming from the distance. The rider stepped of the horse and took a few steps toward and unveiled her hood, she was Lady Meredith in nun dress.

Henry and Meredith hugged and (once he noticed her arrival) Peter hugged her also, and then Peter got a slap and a word “Why haven’t you visited? go and feed my horse!” Peter responded with uncharacteristic anger “Why don’t you, I don’t need this!” and stormed off.

Meredith was shocked with both sadness and fury, yet Henry intrigued by Peter’s attitude, began to suppose a reason. Henry comforted Meredith saying “Peter has gone through a lot, I told thee on my last visit, I believe he did not say his words out of strife towards thee, but for his fear. He loves thee, that thine heart knows.” Meredith wept more, though, with less wrath.

Sir Peter #6 Chapter 1

Peter had been so intertwined in his training that he had neglected his friendship with Meredith, yet Meredith, being a good friend, went to him. As she packed her things her father walked in and said “Meredith I where art thee to go?” she answered “Thou hast met my friends Peter and Henry, I know that there is little good nor bad in thy sayings of them, yet I wish to see them despite their peasantry, their mine, and I love them.” “I should have known, I  that feistier of the two, Peter, he hasn’t visited lately, it’s understandable for thee to have concern”.

Meredith began to shiver but a little from the very thought of her Peter in danger (as she has heard of his adventures) and her father noticed and said “Very well I will grant thee a carriage, if ye promise to be disguised with thine governess as two nuns.” “Of course father, I will do that gladly.” “Ye art twelve, yet thou art tall and matured for thine age, thou wilt pass off as a fourteen year old nun studying under thine governess to become a full fledged sister of God”.

She kissed her father and began to run out the door saying “Thanks be to thee!” but Octavian (her father if your new) caught her by the arm and made a last comment “I only wish thee to hide thine status, for the sake that if a person were to uncover that ye art friends with peasants, it would harm not only me, not only thee, but thine brother Evan. He is betrothed to a princess, which is extraordinary for our family. I am saying this to make clear, I am not ashamed of thee, neither am I to cringe from the sight of thine friends.” she began to weep, saying “Thank you, I know you love me and I love you!” she then ran out the door to find her governess and arrange the plot.

The Myth of the “Do Nothing Congress”

Many people say “Congress never gets anything done” but as I will show you is false. Why most people say it isn’t out of a lie (most of the time anyway) but because the media fixates on stories easy to tell, and explaining all the intricacies on why it takes time to draw up a sober plan at approaching an issue isn’t one of them. It is the rabbit and the hare, but we are all the hare and no tortoise wins. What I mean is that since little research goes into journalism, we are left with an incorrect view of the world.

Rather or not you agree with congressional action, it does occur quiet often. Rather or not it affects your personal life, it does occur quiet often.  The sentiment that Congress never legislates only serves to benefit the civil warmonger crowd, the trouble makers only concerned with causing division.

If we preach the laziness of Congress, we promote either: fascism through proping up the presidency to god status, or, the tiny government folk. I don’t stand for either, and regardless I value the truth, therefore I present you a list of Congressional actions which have passed the house and Senate within this one month.

Action to award Bob Dole (previous presidential candidate and World War 2 war veteran) a congressional gold metal for his service to the nation

Social Security Fraud Prevention Act disallows the federal government from placing a persons Social Security number on mail unless deemed necessary

A bill to condemn the Charlottsville terrorist attack

A bill to provide relief 25 million dollar relief to American hurricane survivors of Irma and Jose

A action making arrangements for congressional metal of honor ceremony for Filipino veterans of World War 2

Making arrangements for the Special Olympics

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